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Ch.Kitsune Shooting Star aka "Tiffy"


Ruthdales State Of The Art


Dynamic Force Sharp Dressed

Man with Ruthdales

Ruthdales Status Symbol

Ruthdales Notorious

Regalia's Saffyer

Regalia's -Cr Crossfyer

Ruthdales Heaven Sent

Regalia's-Cr Crossfyer

Corblyme Better by Desgn

at Kitsune

Stecal's Brooklyn

Kitsune Pussy Galore

Regalia's Dick Tracy

at Melodor

Stecal's Cool As Ice

Cas Colt Forty Five at Anshee

Anshee Rock A Billie at Kitsune

Regalia's Firefly

Ruthdales A Cut Above

Regalia's Loaded for Bear

Regalia's American Emblem

Hunttmere Regalia's Bonfyre

Buckrigde Pay It Forward

Ruthdales Personal Vendetta

T'Stone Raja Regalia on Buckridge

Regalia Traces of Fire

Ruthdales White Warrior at Melodor

Oktumi  Action Reply at Stecal

T'Stone Raja Regalia On Buckridge

Cas Gotta Love Me

Regalia's Boulderdash To Anshee

Anshee Truly Scrumptious

PEDIGREE * auf Handy & Tablet nicht sichtbar.... bitte anfragen

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